Smiley Guy Studios (SGS) is an award-winning full-service production company with expertise in animation, design, writing, sound, music, and interactive media.

The Rebrand

After working on the logo for Curse of Clara, I was tasked with rebranding Smiley Guy Studio. The original logo was created almost 15 years ago and was very outdated. The client wanted to create a new design that was modern, creative, and clean. They wanted to show that they are an animation studio but also do other stuff as well.

The Old

The New


I prefer to work straight in Photoshop/Illustrator because for me its easier to create one-offs of a design and go back on a computer than on paper. I wanted to show you the different styles/ideas/concepts I came up with rather than just show you the final product because I believe you lose a sense of the process to get to the final result.